Football Seasons Edging Closer

Hi all,

As we know the football season is edging closer. As each day goes on the hours are counting down. The seasons getting closer and closer by each minute! We all cannot wait.

With just 21 days to go until the new season gets underway, the anticipation kicks in! 

As the season run up to the new season is coming ahead. We are all planning our away days. As we know, some clubs have released their tickets for their first game of the season.

For my club, Port Vale we play local rivals, Crewe Alex away from home.

With the tickets being released just days ago, the tickets have sold out already.

And allocation of 2,400.

So out in the matter of 4 days.

Yes, it is a local rival, but I have never felt the excitement when we play Crewe. I don’t know why. I just don’t.

I don’t really class this as a local rivalry, just doesn’t seem a big game for me.

As the tickets didn’t even make general sale, non season ticket holders couldn’t get their hands on a ticket for the match.

This means I couldn’t either. But I aren’t really fussed about this.

But my brother managed to get a ticket for this game.

As the fixtures have been released. 

I only missed 4 away games last season, where I travelled all over to watch MY beloved club. From Gills, to Rochdale. From Rochdale to Crawley… Ect. 

So today, I went to collect my coach ticket for Swindon away! This is the 2nd away match of the season for Vale. This means this is the 1st away game I’ll be going to. Of the first season.

I have never visited Swindon Town’s ground, this is one of 4 grounds I missed last season. So I am looking forward to going this match. 

As you can see,

This match is a 7:45pm kick off. Which is a evening game. I am able to go this match as I am currently on summer holidays off Sixth Form. 

The coach ticket cost me £16 as Swindon is roughly about 3 hour 20 mins away from Vale Park.

I am looking forward to the season ahead. And I am sure all of you are too! 
Thanks for reading have a great day! 


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