I’m back! 

Well, hello everyone! I’m finally back. I thought, you know what; I’ll have a mini break. I’ve been offline for roughly 3 months, so here I am. You may be happy I’m back blogging, or not. I thought, ‘ hmmm, what’s my email and password to WordPress?’, well it was successful, haha. 
So, the past 4 months have been interesting for me. I’ve been accepted to university! I applied to several universities to study Business Marketing & Business Management. I got offers back from all of them! That is a massive achievement for me. So now, I need to achieve and smash those grades at Sixth Form whilst I’m there for the next few months. 
It’s just a waiting game now. 
Well, I hope you’re all doing good, throughout the blogging world. And I’d like to thank you all for sticking with me on my blogging page, and to the people I haven’t yet spoken too, I’ll get there and check out your blogs! Just give me time.😁🏃
Sorry this one is a short blog; but I’m back. And I’ll be publishing a lot often, possibly 2 times a day, depending on Sixth Form work. I’d like to thank the people who have read this, and as stated above, I hope you’re all well. 
So now, I’m getting ready to publish another blog in several hours time. Stay tuned to my WordPress page. Thanks all –
Brad. S. 


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