Dublin, Ireland for my birthday!

Hi all,

So, after a long, hard, productive day. I thought, let’s do a blog! I appreciate all of the support on my blog posts which I have previously published.

Well, this blog is going to be about my 18th birthday, which is in less that 19 days time! And I can not wait for it. I really can’t.

So, back in Decemeber I think it was, yes. December. I found out that my brother booked 4 days away in Dublin, Ireland for my 18th birthday. I haven’t been away (out of the UK) for roughly 7 years now, so I am massively excited. Some night possibly say I’m over reacting. But I can’t wait. So, my brother booked us both on the Guinness Stockhouse Tour!

This day consists of having a tour throughout their factory, their famous Gravity Bar, full a pint (if successful, you get a certificate)! And loads more during the day.

I am already planning my first day in Dublin! We fly from Manchester, UK airport, roughly 10am – which is going to be great.

I have also planned the last day at Dublin, haha! So, on the last day we are going to visit their historical gaol; which is Kilmainham Gaol.

Kilmainham Gaol will be extremely busy when we visit, so I have conducted some research into this brilliant museum.  – I for one am really, really excited for this.

Here is an image of Kilmainham Gaol below;


As you can see above, this gaol is extremely old, and I have done hours of research into this. By watching videos, to viewing images and their webpage. Also emailing them asking about ticketing, ect.

So. I thought I’d let you all know what I have planned for my big 18th in less than 19 days time! The countdown is on😊.

Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog posts. (More sport blogs coming soon!)

Again,😀 thank you for taking the time to look through this blog post! – have a great day, all.


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